Monday, September 17, 2012

Rockstar client and a cool camera strap cover

One of my favorite things in the whole wide-y world is when someone says to me, "Hey, do you think you could make (______) for me?"  My answer is always, "YES!"  Or, more often, "Oh, heck, YES!!"  I love love love projects. 

So that's why Erin is my rockstar, uh, client.  She's also one of my closest friends, but let's be business-like and professional, shall we? 

Here's her latest commissioned work (oooo!  more professional-sounding language!): a padded camera strap cover, now named lovingly after her. :)
I love these colors together.  And the backing is flannel, so it's nice and soft, perfect for-- say-- lugging your camera with you while hiking in Chile.  Yes.  That's what Erin is about to do.  She's awesome.  Oh, and in case you're worried about getting that gorgeous strap dirty, it's totally washable.

Erin was also the recipient of this cow dress.  Betcha can hardly tell which one Erin is, huh? 

And she commissioned a few onesies (and a pair of pants) for her friend's new baby.  Here are a couple of 'em.  

 Erin, you should know this already, but you are a rockstar.  Keep the projects comin', pretty please!

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