Thursday, August 30, 2012

Project Chevron: Top #2

Yuppers.  It's another peasant top.  I actually sat for awhile, thinking about what I wanted to do with the purple tonal.  Then, when looking at my scraps from previous projects, I remembered the lovely Dress Up Days fabric.   Jackpot.  And then, as I sat down, I just started cutting another peasant top.  It just kind of... happened.  I did vary this one up a little with slightly longer sleeves, more length, and a shirred waistline.  I love how versatile the peasant top/dress is.  Seriously, what CAN'T you do with it?! :)
Little Booger was being, well, a little booger, so these are the best shots I got.  But seriously, how can you get irritated with this goofy girl?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Riley Blake Chevron Stash-- Top #1

Remember how I won the Riley Blake fat quarter bundle?  Well, that lovely chevron has been stacked on my shelf and staring at me, begging me to use it.  So yesterday, during naps, I finally acquiesced and made this peasant top for Riley.
I wanted something that popped, so I grabbed a solid black cotton that I had.  But I didn't want a black-and-white contrast, so I went with the tonal aqua chevron.  I wanted it to be good for layering as we go into Fall, so I made wider sleeves and a tighter neckline (so a t-shirt wouldn't peek out the top). 
 I haven't actually sewn a peasant top in a while.  I love what a quick project it is.  And it's pretty forgiving.  I didn't use a pattern for this one. 
 Now onto the next chevron!  Maybe a little sumpin-sumpin for Brooksy-boy?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Mermaid Tail... the tale of a mermaid pants!

A lot of the clothes I make are inspired by the little people in my life, like the butterfly shirt...
 ... and the owl jumper...

And when the owl jumper didn't cut it, the giraffe jumper...

But it's not just my little people who inspire me.  These pants are made with our little friend, Gracie, in mind. Gracie LOVES mermaids.  Loves 'em.  So I thought it would be fun to whip up some mermaid pants.

As I was brainstorming, the only issue I could see was the fact that I would be making pants and mermaids do not have legs.  That really is the only problem with mermaids; am I right?! :)  But I think we got around that pretty well... I think. 

 Happy swimming! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Super Duper Clearance! ...or... PLEASE! Buy Stuff!

 I spent this morning cleaning out my basement while Brooks napped and the girls watched Toy Story 2.  It worked out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself.  While cleaning, I came across some of my tops and dresses that I made about a year ago.  Recently, I've been contemplating whether I want to try selling my wares again.  I'm still on the fence.  (Thoughts?!)  But even if I don't really (re-)open up my full-fledged Etsy store, I think it's about time to bid adieu to these items.

I actually really like them, all of them.  But some of them are now too small for my girls.  And more than that, my children do NOT need any more clothing.  So I thought I'd post them here on super duper sale.  In other words, EVERY ITEM IS $12, shipped (**only in the U.S.  Shipping will be different for international orders).   I think that's a bargain.  Just email me your paypal info at seweasybeingreen(at)gmail(dot)com to purchase!  Without further ado, here they are:

The first is a halter dress in this lovely Michael Miller fabric.  It's a size 3T, has an elasticized back and ties at the neck.  (Full disclosure: I'm having a hard time parting with this one... but I will... for you.)   SOLD!!

 Second is this cute little top, in size 12 months
  (You'll notice a picture quality drop-off now!)  Here are some other pictures of that one:


This dress is a size 2T.  I love the simplicity of it.  The straps create a slightly capped sleeve look.

This is a 2-for-1 deal.  $12 for BOTH!  Size 6-12 months.  (ignore that "next pic" nonsense at the bottom)

 This skirt  is a size 2T, with a flat front and elasticized back.  It's really cute with a little top tucked into it!

I made this from my first bundle of fat quarters.  Oh, the memories.  It's made from all Amy Butler fabric.  Elasticized back.  Size 18-24 months

 Day at the Zoo dress in size 6-12 months

It buttons in the back for easy on-and-off!

 Little argyle onesie with attached skirt, size 12 months

Can you tell that I tired of being descriptive and cutesy by the end?  Whew.  Glad that's over!  Now please!  Buy stuff!  Or tell your friends!  I'm begging.  Begging, people!  Help me clean my house! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fabric Deliciousness

I could hardly believe it, but I won one of the prizes in the Project Run & Play/ Simple Simon & Co. Skirting the Issue event!  And yesterday, this package of loveliness showed up on my doorstep.
 I don't think I need to tell you how thoroughly excited I was and still am.  (Thank you Thank You THANK YOU, Riley Blake!)  I actually just sat and stared at it for a while.  And then I didn't want to unwrap it because it was just so pretty!  But this morning, I unwrapped it and threw it in the laundry, so it will be ready to go.

So what do I do with all this gorgeous chevron?  Now accepting ideas! :)

If at first you don't succeed... OR... Epic FAIL.

I had this idea for some super cool bibs (overalls) to make for the girls.  They were relatively simple, sleek, and modern.  I was pretty stoked about the possibilities.  I was so excited, in fact, that I did a tutorial on my first run, taking tons of pictures along the way.  Then I slipped the newly-made outfit onto Noelle and (drumroll, please)...


I don't even know if I can begin to list all the things that went wrong with these bibs, fit-wise.  First, the inseam was way too short, so the things road up like mad, giving Noelle a super attractive crotch-V.  The back is elasticized, but the elastic needed to hit higher, so it kept creeping up, further enhancing the short inseam and adding the lovely touch of no-stay straps.  Oh, and shall we mention the floods?  Yeah.  These were meant to be full-length pants.  Ha!  

I thought about trying to fix them, but then I decided that I would just start over, since I was still set on creating a tutorial.  

Try #2 is way cuter.  See?
You probably want to click on that image to see it in its full-size cuteness.

I took pictures for a tutorial for that one, too... but then I had to make some last minute alterations.  I'm pretty sure the third time will be the charm, so prepare yourself for a third pair of bibs... this time, ones that fit perfectly, the first time. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sewing for ME: The Tanya Skirt Tutorial

**I've been sitting on this tutorial for quite some time now, waiting to get a picture of me in my new skirt.  But life happens.  And today, it's raining, so I'm just going to post the tutorial now, so you can make yourself a cute skirt ASAP! :)  Here's one picture of mine, shot by the only on-hand photographer: Riley.  Everyone knows that the best possible angle from which to have a picture taken is from the ground up... ;) **

But, seriously, how adorable is Tanya?!

I have never sewn anything for myself.  Never.  It's been a little too terrifying.  But after I made this skirt for Tanya, I knew I had to have one.  Look at me, being so super brave.  Plus, I had just found this subtle gray-on-gray chevron fabric, so I had to put it to good use.  This skirt has a fitted waistband and is super full.  If you don't like how full it is, then you can easily just adjust the width, so you don't cut all the way from selvage to selvage.  The length is easily adjustable as well.  Nice, eh? :)

About 1.5 yards fabric, depending on desired length
8-inch zipper
sewing stuff

First you need a couple measurements.  Get your waist measurement-- your natural waist since this is a high-waisted skirt.  Then decide how where you want your skirt to hit on your leg.  Measure from your waist down to that point.  Then you just do a couple simple calculations:
For the waistband: 2 pieces, waist +1.25 inches by 4.25 inches
Skirt: 2 pieces, desired length - 2.25 inches by width of fabric
Belt loops: 1 piece, 2 inches by 10 inches

Cut these pieces.  If you want pockets, cut those, too.  Just cut four pieces in roughly the shape below.  (Also make sure two of the pieces are flipped, so you can place them right sides together.)

Waistband pic:

Measure down about 8 inches from the top corners of your skirt pieces and mark with pins.  That means you'll have 8 places marked where you're going to put your pockets.

Place top of pocket at pin, right sides together.

Sew them all on, using a 5/8" seam allowance and zig-zag that portion to finish.  Technically, you could zig-zag the whole side, but since you cut to the selvage, it won't fray.  Time-saver!  Boo-yah!

Flip your pocket out, like so, and press.  You'll see that I wanted a fun little hidden pop of color for my pockets.  I'm just full of surprises like that...

Take your pieces for your belt loops. 

 Fold the edges into the center.  Press.

Then fold it in half.

Stitch close to both edges.

Then snip the whole thing in half.

Find the center of one of your waistband pieces (marked with a yellow pin below).  Place one belt loop slightly off-center.  They're going to be way too long, but that's ok.  Since I did mine with a chevron print, the extra length allowed me to line of the lines.  Nice!

Place your other belt loop on the SAME HALF of the waist band, 1.5 inches from the edge.

Place the other waistband piece, right sides together, over the whole thing.  See how both belt loops are on the same half?

Use a 1/2-inch seam allowance and sew just the tops together.  When you're done, snip off the excess belt loop.

Flip right sides out, press, and topstitch the top edge (and belt loops).

You'll only have one finished edge at this point.  Tack down the bottom of your belt loops at this point.

Now grab your skirt again and sew up just ONE side, using a 5/8" seam allowance.  Your stitching should line up with the stitching you did to sew the pocket on.

After you sew it, finish the pocket with a zig-zag stitch.

Run a gathering stitch along the top of your skirt piece.  I actually like to do two, since it's such a big piece.  Gather the skirt till it's the width of your waistband.  Make sure the side seam lines up with the center of your waistband (this also ensures that your gathers are a little more even).

Also, when you gather, leave the 1.5" by the edge ungathered/flat.  This will make it easier to install your zipper.

Sew waistband to skirt and finish with a zig-zag.

Press the seam allowance up toward the waistband.

Topstitch along the bottom of the waistband, securing the seam allowance below and giving it a nice, finished look.

Zig-zag those last raw edges of your waist band (and the whole side seam if you wish, but again, you have the fray-free selvage there!).

Get ready to install your zipper.  Here's a good tutorial from Sew, Mama, Sew!  I marked where I need to stop basting with a double pin.
  Press out, continue with the install...

Add a hook and eye and you just finished a skirt... for yourself... and it's cute!!

However, let's not let those beltloops go to waste.  Make sashes (or use a storebought belt) in whatever colors you want!