Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage-y Modern Striped "Tennis Dress"

Riley's taking tennis lessons, which I'm pretty thrilled about.  I'm not going to pressure her into a life of tennis, but I really really really do hope she loves it.  :)

She has one tennis outfit that Nana and Granddad bought for her, but-- you know me-- I'm always looking for a project, so I decided I'd make her a couple tennis dresses.  The first one I made is in the wash, but here's the second one, which she wore to class yesterday.
 Okay, so she actually could wear it as a regular dress, too, but it works pretty darn well for tennis. 
It's made from (I think) dancewear fabric-- the slick, super stretchy stuff.
 I'm calling it a vintage-y dress because, clearly, tennis players these days do not wear skirts this long.  But she's four, and she has a tendency to bounce around and sit on the ground and not worry about her underwear showing, so we went with a longer skirt.  And then there's the high neckline.
 But the stripes are nice and modern (I'm a sucker for stripes).  I switched up their directionality on the front and back of the bodice, and I LOVE how a circle skirt makes the stripes look.  So fun!
 So there she is, a tennis dress for my little tennis star!  Keep your eyes peeled for the other one soon (which you got a sneak peek, if you recall...).

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