Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craft Bloggers in Training :)

I LOVE that my girls love crafts.  We spend a serious amount of our day coloring, painting, twisting pipe cleaners, etc.  And you better believe that, when she's old enough, I'm buying Riley a little sewing machine of her own.  I'm kind of salivating over the day that she sews her first... whatever it is!

Here they are, painting our little monsters that I posted pictures of a few days ago.
 If coloring gets them excited, painting ramps them up to an extreme level.  It's a special treat because, yeah, it's messy.
 And if you're wondering who gets the messiest... Yep.  It's me.  Noelle would easily take the prize except for Mom's lightning fast reflexes, grabbing wet paintbrushes before they hit hair, faces, clothes. :)
 Speaking of Noelle, she's wearing the headband partially because, well, she's Noelle, but also because-- whether she's eating, playing or painting-- she is always pushing her hair out of her face, leaving fun little treasures for me to find and pick out later.

 Riley, meanwhile, is very meticulous. 
 She was going for a little color blocked look with her monster. :)
Just you wait, soon you'll be reading posts from the girls. :)

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