Sunday, October 7, 2012

Miss me? Please say you missed me!

Not that I  need that kind of affirmation, but I kind of need that kind of affirmation.  :)  I actually watched Julie and Julia, yesterday, and I laughed out loud when she received her first comment.  I react the same way every time:  someone's reading this!  I really have a reader!

So to my reader, sorry I've been MIA.  I'd try to give you a load of excuses, but let's just go with teething.  Teething... ugh.  Brooksy-boy, who I was fairly certain was going to go to high school toothless, is finally getting his first tooth in.

It's brutal.

The girls never really had a hard time with teething, but whoa nelly!  Dude is hurting!  My usually happy guy has been so very sad and inconsolable.  Anything that has to do with his face hurts.  He has a hard time eating, nursing, even sucking on his paci sometimes.  And he developed a fever that, at one point, got up to 102.8.  Add to that the fact that he and I are not at home, and it's been a little bit of a disaster.

Here's the good news, though:
1) it's been great getting to be with my family!
2) last night, I only had to get up with him FOUR times!  Sounds ridiculous, right?  But I feel so much more rested now.  I guess that speaks to just how horrendous the preceding nights were. 
3) the fever is gone, and he's on the up-and-up for our flight back home.
4) I'll be home this week, and I already know that I'll be making a vest, so the kids can take a "vest pic" with Grandddad, so I'll make a tutorial for that!  I love a good vest!

So I'll see you kids later!  Happy Sunday!

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  1. oh poor thing! my girl is teething too, but is not to bad.. just loves more mummy time. she didn't get her first tooth till she was nearly 13 months. i started thinking that maybe she would never get one... now they are coming through furious! in a few weeks we have had 5 or so more teeth cut! :-) hope he feels better soon!


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