Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Continuing Story of Asthma Man!

Well, this day has gone differently than I would have imagined.  You may recall that Big Man...

... was hospitalized a couple months back when he was wheezing and having retractions (the term, I have learned, which means he's sucking in air so hard that you can see his little tummy pulling into his ribcage).  Then, a couple weeks ago, when we went out to see my folks, he had another episode which propelled us into the two medications, three times a day routine.
He was doing better; then this past weekend, he got a cold.  And right when we were trying to decrease his treatments, we had to up them again.
 Last night, he gets a horrible cough.  He can hardly fall asleep.  He's upset and crying and coughing, and it's pretty darn awful.  It's especially horrible when you consider that he's usually like this:
Flash-forward to this morning, when he's coughing like a maniac, so much so that he can't keep the oral meds the doc has just described down.

Into the ER we went.  Where Brooks made tons of new friends.  And charmed all the nurses.  And got the medicine he needed.

I'll tell ya, asthma can kick a mom's butt... not to mention a little dude's (who is now napping peacefully... praise the Lord!).

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  1. Sorry your having to go through all this, I know exactly how you feel. My son, had to be hospitalized 4 times before the Dr's would finally diagnose his illness as asthma. We then got the nebulizer and he was also diagnosed with IgA deficient with made everything so much worse. Every time and I mean every time he got a little cold turned into a urgent care visit. It was so sad watching my little guy get IV's and shots. Well it all turned out alright. He is now a healthy college student who still has Asthma but now's how to take care of it. Take Care, Tami


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