Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gettin' Ready to Party!

My awesome mother-in-law is going to host a little get-together for me, so I can show off my clothing to other moms.  In light of that, I've been working on bolstering my older girl selection.  I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty stoked with how these first two turned out. :)  And they got a seal of approval from our favorite10-year-old buddy, Hannah.

But perhaps one of the most exciting parts is that 10% of every sale I make is going to Care Net, an absolutely amazing ministry that serves women facing unplanned pregnancies.  As a non-profit, they rely on people's generosity to keep the good work going!  I'm so grateful for this chance to help them serve!
 I have to say... I LOVE this style of dress/top.  The capped sleeves are so cute, and these can last for YEARS.  They have elasticized backs, so they stretch as your little lady grows.  They just go from dress to tunic to top! :)  Seriously, Hannah, who is a size 10/12, tried on one of my 7/8 dresses, and it still fit her-- it was just knee length instead of tea length. 
 For this first top, I dyed the lace to a sweet, peachy color.  It adds a classy touch to this gorgeous, modern fabric.

Here's the back, elasticized for a nice fit.

And I adore this little tunic top.  The floral print is to die for, and who doesn't love a good pleat trim? :)

For this one, I also added a tie in the back, so it will be sure to fit perfectly.

I'll keep posting what I'm up to, but since I'm really trying to make as much as possible for this party, the tutorials will probably be a little slim over the next month.  If you see something you like and are interested in purchasing, let me know!  That 10% will still definitely go to Care Net! :)


  1. Wow - these are ADORABLE!! Well done and good luck with your sales :D

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I live in the US. Could you share the pattern, name & number or where I could order it? Thanks and best wishes to you! Hope the sales are going well!!!


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