Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Angelina's Ruffles Tutorial

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I finally got the tutorial done for the Angelina's Ruffles tunic top.  Whew.  I'll tell ya-- I love me some ruffle fabric, but that stuff can be time-consuming.  You really have to show those ruffles who's boss (You!  You are!!).  Oh, and it helps if you stick a whole lot of pins in them. :)

3/4 yard of ruffle fabric
knit fabric in matching color
loads and loads of pins
sewing get-up

 Using a well-fitting shirt, create your pattern (like I do here... without sleeves) but do NOT cut out the neck hole.  Cut a front and back piece, shaped exactly the same.

Now this is a little unorthodox but this is the best way I've found to make the neckline and keep the ruffles in check.  Find the center at the top of one of your pieces.  Then mark two inches out from that mark with a fabric marker (or place a pin, if you prefer).  My marks are at the 3 and 7 inch marks.

Then, on both sides, sew your front and back pieces, right sides together, from the arm hole to your mark.  As always, make sure your ruffles are flat and how you want them before you sew.

Cut a 1-inch strip of your knit fabric.  I didn't measure it, but I made it overly long, so I could just cut it when I was done.

Now, on the top of your fabric, place your knit bias tape down, right sides together, starting at the edge of the neckhole.  

I just did this by sight... pin the bias tape in the shape you want for your neckline.  Keep those ruffles in check!  Overlap the beginning and end of your bias tape a little.

Using a stretchy stitch (like a zig-zag), sew the bias tape down just like that, closer to the neckhole side of the bias tape.  Use the edge of your presser foot to guide you.

Now take your scissors and cut out the middle ruffles.  They're now relatively under control. 
Nice trick, eh?

If you look at the right side of your fabric, it'll look like this:

Fold the bias tape to the inside, so it won't be seen from the outside.  Pin it nicely, again, so the ruffles stay put.  Here's the inside:

Here's the right side:

Using another stretchy stitch, sew the bias tape down.  

Now you're going to use the same technique for the armhole.  Pin the ruffles in place under the bias tape.  Sew it on.

Before flipping the bias tape to the inside, stitch up the side seams of your top, including the bias tape.  Then flip it to the inside, like you did at the neck, and stitch it down.  

You're done, and you have a super cute top that is PERFECT for spring and summer!


  1. Looks like a great tutorial. And the perfect thing for me to make using the 3+yards of ruffled fabric I have collected and NEVER used! I think it's mostly because I am intimidated by it! Haha. I know I'll just have to spend some extra time on it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! And- it's hit or miss getting a picture of the 2 of them! I think this day we were bribing them with something. ;)

  2. this is so cute! I think my daughter would really love this.... time to go sort through my fabric lol.

  3. Very very sweet top and pictures for Spring... Awesome tutorial too. Will have to make one of these for my little one...


  4. So cute- I love all of the ruffles- Isn't that ruffle fabric a time saver!!! Thanks for linking with Scout's Sweet Sunday!

  5. Soo cute, love it~ Thanks for linking up! Stop by tomorrow and link up again!


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