Thursday, March 1, 2012

More mustard stripes

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I posted pics of Riley wearing this dress about a week ago.  But have I mentioned that-- if I play my cards right-- both girls can wear the same clothes, even though they're 20 months apart?  Things are longer on Noelle, obviously, but they have approximately the same waist and chest measurements.  Riley is my skinny-mini, and Noelle is my little barrel with arms and legs. :)  Anyway, I put Noelle in the mustard stripe dress today, and I'm lovin' it on her.


Plus, Noelle has these super cute white boots that I try to get her in whenever possible.  When I put them on this morning, she cried out, "Santa!!"  Apparently, Santa will be with us all year round; just yesterday, Riley asked if Santa could come to her birthday party.  How do you answer that?!

Riley wanted to get in on the photo action, maybe because she's sporting this awesomely huge bow today.  She's going to preschool in it; we'll see how long it stays in.  

I know I've been tutorial-deficient as of late.  They're coming!  I promise!  The Catherine Top is now up! Woohoo!

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