Friday, March 23, 2012

Going on a Birdhunt Binoculars

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I can't take full credit for this super fun craft.  Riley actually made her first pair of binoculars in preschool.  However, after incessant fighting between the girls over that one pair, I figured that was a good option for our next craft. :)  It's really easy and you'll be able to see for miles... or at least pretend to. ;)

2 toilet paper rolls
fun paper
stapler and staples
glue stick


Place your toilet paper roll on your paper to see how wide you want it cut.

Then cut two strips, one for each roll. I just folded my paper, so I cut use the fold to cut a straight line.

Roll the paper around the roll, so you can cut off the excess paper, making sure you have some overlap.

Let your 4-year-old glue the outside of the roll because she's getting really impatient to get in on this project. :)  You may want to add some extra glue to the end of the paper, just to make sure it's secure.  Do the same for your other roll.

Now place your rolls, "seam" sides together.

Staple them at both ends.

Decorate!  This is where the real fun begins!  Use whatever stickers or other decorating stuff you have on hand.  We had flowers and butterflies, plus a few foam safari stickers.

Noelle is haphazard with her sticker placement.

Riley is my little Type-A. :)

Bend the outside edges of the binoculars and cut a little hole.  Don't worry; it will easily round back out.  (Note: I originally stapled the ribbons on, but Noelle didn't like how the ribbons then flopped into the binoculars and then her eyes.)

Tie the ribbon on the outside of the binoculars.

Now search for those birds!  They could be high... 

...or low.

And if those birds are being really sneaky, you made need two pairs.

You never know what or who you'll find. :)

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