Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally... the MyMemories giveaway winner!!

Yikes!  Sorry about that, folks!  The giveaway closed on Sunday, but I've apparently had my head in the clouds.  Without further ado, says that the winner is...

#5: Melissa J!

Congrats, Melissa!  I'll be sending you an email soon, so you can download and start playing with your software ASAP.

For everyone else, remember, you can still get 10 bucks off by using my code -->
It's right over there.  And I'll be posting freebies from time to time, too.  Woohoo!

So this post has a picture (that's why we're all here, right?!), here you go... I just found this dress-- one of the first things I ever made for Riley-girl.  I slipped it on Noelle a couple days ago, snapped a shot of her while she was sitting on a tiger tank, and called it a day. :)

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