Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tanya Skirt Preview... and a little laugh

My friend, Tanya, requested that I make her this cute skirt, and-- loving a good project-- I immediately said, "YES!"  (Actually, I think I said, "Heck, YEAH!")  I kinda love it, but instead of just stealing the one I made her, I'm going to make one for me and create a tutorial for you alls along the way.  Look at me, venturing into the crazy world of adult clothing. :)  Here are a few pics of Tanya's skirt.  The waist is just slightly too big on me, but it's still oh-so-cute!

And in case you're wondering why I don't have a lot of pictures of me, I'm going to be unashamed and show you the next few...  I had no make-up on, didn't do my hair (but hurray for short and choppy cuts!), and I wasn't planning on having my face in the pics... But when you have gems like this, you must share them.
I think I'm trying to hold in some hiccups here?

Ahh!  A hyperactive chipmunk!!

"I'm going to win!  I'll hold my breath the longest!  Oh wait... I'm about to pass out.  But at least my retro, neon watch will look totally out of place while I'm doing it!"
 By the way, as I was posing away, my husband was taking pictures and saying really helpful things like, "Uh... okay... now give me... uh..."  I think that kind of spurring-on is what lead to that last picture.  Love you, babe. ;)

Hope your Tuesday is a little brighter now.  Just remember, you have my wacko face to thank for it. :)

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