Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Remember Me? The Pants Still Fit!


Remember those reversible cuffed pants I made for Brooks?  You don't?  Well, then, why don't you venture here first.  Here's Brooks, wearing them when he's roughly 7 months old.

And here he is yesterday, verging on 10 months.  They still fit great and, uncuffed, he still has some length to grow into.  If you've ever experienced the crazy rapid growth of infants, you know that a piece of clothing that lasts more than 3 months (sometimes even ONE month!) is pretty awesome.

Oh my goodness... My little man is getting so big!

You should probably grab some of your cutest fabric and whip some of these up now.  After all, you'll get to put 'em on your kiddo for awhile! :)


  1. I love clothing that fits for a long time... my girl is small for age so doesnt grow too quick but the longer they can wear something the better!

  2. Love the pants! Made yesterday one for my baby 11 months and one for my todler almost three. The look great!
    Love from the Netherlands

    1. That's fantastic!! Post a picture to the flickr group! (look up at the left side for the link) I'd LOVE to see them!


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