Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whoooo's Surprise Birthday Dress

I've spent the last couple days in the hospital with sweet Brooksy-boy.  He woke up on Sunday morning, wheezing and generally inconsolable.  He's home now and fine, and I'll fill you in more later, but whew...  It was quite a ride.  Glad to be home.

And I'm glad to be able to share this little dress that I made for my niece, Hannah, who just turned THREE!

When I first decided to make Hannah a dress, I actually thought to myself, Well, Heather... I guess you're THAT aunt-- the weird one who only gives clothes, and handmade clothes at that.  Sorry, kids, my sister-in-law will say, just smile and say 'thank you.'   However, when I brought this dress upstairs, BOTH my girls jumped up and asked, "Is that for me!?!"  So, YES!  This gift is a winner.

It starts off like this: just a navy and white polka dot dress with a random tree appliqued on it and a pocket...

... but then, out of said pockets pops a little owl to take along!

He can either stay hidden safely away in his pocket or he can journey over to his hole in the tree to rest and look out on the world.

"Hey, guys!"  

And he's attached to a ribbon, so he's a take-along toy that can't get lost.

Hannah wore her dress to church on Sunday and loved it.  See!  THIS aunt's not weird!
(Quiet, peanut gallery!)



  1. Love the owl and the fact that he's attached to the dress.

  2. I LOVE THIS. Any chance you will post a tutorial?

    1. I sure will!! Thanks for asking! I'll work on it as soon as the pirate costume series if over! :)

  3. This is also so cute and funny!:D I just wake upp and now when whatcing these I feel like skip the breakfast and start sewing!;D


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