Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Train Bunting for the Nursery (or... The Hardest Easiest Project Ever)

You know how, sometimes, everything is the worst?  That was this project.  This "super simple project."

I was actually going to do the "easiest tutorial ever" for this bunting, but then the wheels came off.  Then the axles came off.  Then the brakes... then the windshield wipers... and then the car burst into flames.

I may exaggerate, but only ever-so-slightly.
But let's start with how great the bunting ended up.  I got this train fabric at the sidewalk sale at one of the cutest stores, Stork's Cradle.  Not only do they carry absolutely adorable baby goodness, but the ladies who own it are so sweet and kind and helpful.  Oh, and they make a lot of their items, too.  Like these dolls.  Awesome.  Every July, Wheaton has a sidewalk sale, and I hurry to Stork's Cradle to see if they've put any fabric yumminess out.  This year, I scored big.  I not only got this train fabric but also a bolt of blackout fabric and other assorted scraps.
Back to the construction horror show of the bunting.  I knew I wanted it to be kind of "shabby chic" (what's the manly version of that?  rugged?), so I wasn't going to finish the edges.  This made the project even easier.  I cut the triangles out of the train fabric, grabbed some navy corduroy for the backing, and cut that, too.  Then I got lazy.  I decided that I didn't feel like appliqueing the trains to the corduroy, and I figured I could just pin them in place.  Wrong.  As I looked at my first attempt, I debated whether I could pass the uncentered train off as "rugged."  Then I faced the fact that it would forever drive me bonkers and picked the train off.  But I figured it was worth one more shot.  I tried again and unpicked that train again.  I then went for the applique.  As I was going through that process, I realized that I had accidentally cut one of my triangles with the selvage on and another one had been folded a little when I cut, so it was all wonky.  Dang.  So I re-cut my cord, applique, and go to sew.  My machine acts up.  The thread is bunching and jumping, and I still have no idea what happened.  More picking.  I take out the bobbin case and do a quick clean of the machine.  I re-thread.  Finally, it works.  And I'm happy to say there were no more blunders.  I sewed ric-rack on (which I think will work well with the chevron curtains that will soon be up!) and, what seemed like 8 hours later, hung that sucker.
I suppose I've learned a good lesson?  Anyone else ever have an irritatingly easy project that goes horribly wrong?  I know I can't be alone. :)

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