Thursday, May 3, 2012

Creating Interest, Ruffle-Free

Ready to see what I've had in the works for this week's color challenge at Project Run & Play?  I'm liking this look for the simple reason that it makes me giggle.

I mean, seriously, Riley could light up the night sky in her new neon yellow outfit.  Ha!

Neon (and the '80s with it) is back, and I've been wanting to work it in to clothes for the girls.  I'm not nearly cool enough to pull it off, but cute toddlers?  They look good in paper bags.  And for the color challenge, I wanted to push myself, since there's so much room for creativity.

Goal 1: Be BOLD with neon!  What other yellow goes with neon yellow?  MORE neon yellow!  That's right... the whole freaking thing is neon yellow, with the exception of some white stitching.

Goal 2: Make a dress with ONE fabric.  Figure out ways to make it exciting without throwing in coordinating colors.

Goal 3: Accomplish goal 2 WITHOUT ruffles.  I mean, I lurve me some ruffles, but you just gotta switch it up every now and then.

So here it is-- a jazzed up neon look: Always Buzzin' (John Mayer, anyone?).

How to "work it" without ruffles:
1. Fun sleeves (though I guess this isn't technically a sleeve)...

 2. Piecing.  Oh, piecing is so fun!  Yes, it takes a while, but it's totally worth it... though I am making this comment in hindsight.  After cutting and sewing about a bazillion (or maybe just 24) triangles, I began rethinking my decision, but I muscled through!

3. Flip-flopping the fabric.   I used a solid knit for this dress, so the difference isn't incredibly noticeable (especially on camera... it's the top panel of the bodice), but there's a slight textural change from the right to the wrong side of the fabric.  I think I'm going to try it with a printed cotton, though.  It'll be a little crazy and hopefully cool?!

4. Pockets!  Who doesn't love pockets?  And you can make them in any shape you want.  Just cut out two pieces, sew them right sides together, flip, press and stitch onto the outfit!  Or put them in the side seams (like in the Polky-Nots dress) if you want them but don't want them visible.

5. Applique.  Super easy.  Super versatile.

Look at that!  Five different spices, one outfit!

And now, if you want to find us, just look for a neon flash of yellow. :)


  1. Now that's color! I thought I was being bold with red instead of our standard pink, but I think you've got me beat. Great job. I love it!

    1. It was pretty hilarious when we were out photographing. I didn't realize how amazingly, blindingly bright it was till she was running around in front of our library. I think I'll put her in it when we go to the zoo or some crowded place! :)

  2. I love it! By the way, we try to dress our kids in bright colors when we are going somewhere crowded. It just makes them easier to spot :)

    I'd love for you to link this project up to our Finished Friday party this week.


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