Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shabby Apple is reading my mind?

I've known about Shabby Apple for some time now.  They carry uber cute clothes for both women and children.  AND they carry maternity clothing.  Since I've been either pregnant or nursing for the past five years, STRAIGHT (no joke), I know the value of cute maternity wear. 

Then, when browsing their clothing this morning, I saw the outfit to the right: the Crosswalk Skirt.  I'm pretty sure Shabby Apple must have been reading my mind.  Remember how I've been a little into turning striped fabric into Chevron?  Like here:

and here:
Or how I went neon crazy

So maybe I should get this whole outfit-- the Chevron and neon combo!!-- then dress the girls in coordinates?  You may think I'm joking, but do not forget-- I'm a shameless dork.  I'd do it.  I would.  Maybe that will be my reward for shedding these last few Brooksy-boy baby pounds.  Now there's some incentive. :)

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