Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's My Style?

I mentioned this before, but playing along with Project Run & Play has taught me a lot about my sewing style.  I'm still learning, but here's what I've figured out so far...

These two little ladies (and their brother) are my inspiration...
 So when at all possible, I need to make things they like. 

Boo really likes pink.  So for this top, pink it is, with a splattering of mandarin.  And she LOVES dandelions.  Obviously, when I saw these fabrics from Valori Wells (it's the Wrenly line), they were instant winners.

Peanut loves birdies and being like her big sister... 

...wait, no.  She adores her big sister.  See what I mean?  

So part 2 of my style: coordination.  I always make sure to have enough fabric to make two coordinating looks.  Is that really a tenet of style?  Not sure.  Either way, I made them similar faux necklace necklines (again-- love this fabric!), so they could be more coordinated.

As for me, I really like fuller skirts with closer-fitting bodices.  I really got to make a nice bouncy skirt for Riley on this one, and Noelle has a big box pleat in the front and back for a cute silhouette.  The other nice thing about these kinds of cuts is that they allow for lots of movement.

 I also am always drawn to bright colors.  This pink and mandarin combo is even better in person than online.  And it has a touch of brown in the branches, which I'm also a big fan of. 

More on my style?  Well, since I'm designing for the girls, the clothing should be cute but also very functional.  We're not really, uh, couture-oriented.  Separates are my favorite.  I really like tops that can be paired with leggings or worn on their own.  Or that can have a cardigan thrown over in cooler weather.  
 This way, the girls can play, but they can also play year-round

So, yep, it's convoluted (that happens when I'm typing with a child strapped to me), but there she is: my style.  

A big thanks to the two little ladies who were really working the camera today, and who I love thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! :)

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