Monday, May 21, 2012

Rectangle Bloomers Tutorial

Here's the first installment of my Hip to Be Square challenge!  I'll be making things all week, using only (or almost only) square or rectangle pattern pieces.  Woohoo!  First up: rectangle bloomers!

They're a little bubbly and can be made in one solid color or with a contrasting facing-- look closely in the pic below for a splash of purple.

about 1/2 yard fabric (I used one fabric for the tutorial, but you could use two--like pic above-- if you want a pop of color in the facings)
1/4 inch elastic
sewing gear

 Use 1/2-inch seam allowance throughout.

Cut your rectangles.  Here are my dimensions for a size 2T.  You'll cut two each of these.

Main piece-- 14 inches x 16 inches (I actually cut this two short-- only 8"x16" in the pic-- don't get confused!)
Top facing-- 3 inches x 16 inches
Leg facing-- 3 inches x 13.5 inches

Using these dimensions, your bloomers will be slightly shorter than the ones modeled in the pictures above.  If you want them longer, just add to the length of the main piece!

Fold both your main pieces in half.  Cut a rounded rectangle on the fold, 3 inches x 1 inch.

It'll look like this:

Sew your top facings to the top of both your front and back pieces.

Press the seam down toward the legs.

Sew side seams and in between legs.  Finish with a zig-zag stitch (though you don't have to zig-zag the facing; it'll be folded over and invisible at the end).

Sew your leg facings into loops.

Press the seams out and press one side over, 1/4 inch.

Line the raw edges up, right sides together, and the seams up at the inside of the leg.  Stitch together.

Fold facing up and press.

Sew close to the edge, leaving a 1/2 inch hole for the elastic.

 Then sew another line of stitches, this time all the way around, about 1/2 inch away from the first stitches.  I just ballparked this.

Fold your top facing over 1/4 inch (like you did for the leg facings) then press it down at the seam.

I like to slip in a folded over ribbon for the tag (though, yeah, on these, both front and back are the same).

Stitch close to the edge, leaving a hole, just like you did with the leg facings.  Then stitch that other line of stitches.  

Now all you have to do is thread your elastic through with a safety pin and stitch up the openings!

For my elastic, I cut two pieces the leg hole measurement minus 4 inches and one piece the waist measurement.

All done!  Bubbly bloomers, using all rectangles pieces!

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