Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day Project: Patched Loveys

Some people think I'm a little bonkers.  I have a 4-year-old, 2-year-old, and 6-month-old.  But I must and do sew everyday.  Seriously, it keeps me sane.  I start developing a little tick if I go too long without spending time with my trusty sewing machine.  That's not completely, 100% accurate, but it's close enough. :) 

The other thing about me is that I looooove goals and projects.  I mean, I'm going to be sewing anyway, so if someone can hook me up with a purpose?  Well, that's just a double bonus.  So, the other day, I was talking with some of the preschool moms about my, er, sewing addiction and happily offered my services if anyone needed a project done. 

My friend, Christine, piped up, saying, "Could you sew some little blankeys or something for when we go to the orphanage in Ethiopia?"  Christine and her husband are in the process of adopting a second little one from Ethiopia, so they'll be traveling there in the somewhat near future.  Now, seriously, could I be given a better goal than this? 

I figured that, on this Mothers' Day, it would be fun to spend my sewing time for those kiddos who don't currently have moms in their lives.  It's super easy.  All you need is some fabric (anyone need to de-stash??), a machine, a little ribbon.  And you only need to be able to sew a straight line.  So easy! 

For each lovey, I used my Accuquilt Go! Machine to cut 4.5"x4.5" squares (you can easily do it by hand, too) in a variety of colors from my stash.  I then sewed them together into a 12-inch square.  Then you place it right sides together to a piece of 12"x12" fabric, loop some ribbon at the corners, sew up the sides, leaving a 2 inch opening.  Flip it right side out, top stitch around the edges, and ta-da!!

I started with boy loveys, but don't you worry-- we'll get some girly ones done, too.  Heaven knows I have plenty of girl fabric scraps!

Anyone interested in making some to send off to Ethiopia?  Let me know!!  
It's so simple and quick and will give those little ones something of their own to love.  By the way, my goal is to make all of them just a little different, so each lovey is unique in the whole wide world. :)

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