Friday, June 15, 2012

Machine Recs??

I need help. 

I mean, I need help in lots of ways, but let's just focus on one issue at a time shall we?

I sew everyday.  I do it to stave off the insanity and to hold onto something that's just mine in a SAHM world of diapers, My Little Ponies, and fighting over one toy when we have a BAZILLION and WHY CAN'T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?!? 


Anyway, the point is that I sew a lot, and I love it.  And I've really loved designing my own clothing for the kiddos. 

But lately, I've had to stay away from anything with buttonholes because my machine is refusing to make them.  And I realized that a sewing machine is just like any other machine, right?  You work it hard, and eventually it's going to break down or not work as well or whatever.  So I'm starting to think that a new machine will be my "big ticket item" on my Christmas list this year.  So I could use your help.  What machines to you lovely folks have?  What do you love about them?  What cool features could I really learn to dig? 

Any feedback would be so very welcome! 

(And do I even think about a machine that could embroider?  That may put it way out of my price range...)


  1. While I totally understand the urge for a new machine, a good sewing machine doesn't really wear out, especially not in just a few years. Unless you are using a relatively flimsy machine sold for home use to do industrial sewing, a good professional cleaning and adjustment will most likely take care of the problems your current machine is having. Have you ever had your machine serviced?

    However, my advice for selecting a new sewing machine is always the same: find the best machines with the most metal parts in your budget. Then pick the one with the additional features you want the most. I did treat myself to a new Brother ES 2000 a couple of years ago, but I still use my 70s vintage almost all metal Necchi as often!

  2. I have a Bernina and LOVE it!!! When I first picked it up, the thing I loved the most was that it had a button to put the needle in the up or down position. I was like a kid. However, when I use my daughter's machine, I miss that down/up button. In fact, everything is push button. Buttonholes are a breeze!!!

  3. Hi. I bought a Singer 9940 about five years ago. It was half price, as they were trying to make way for the new models, so they probably don't make them any more, but it is terrific. It does have push button everything, like Pam's. The things I love most are the turtle button, which makes sure you sew slow and steady, no matter how hard you push the pedal. I find that feature so useful, I guess I must be a bit of a lead foot on the pedal! It's also a really good feature for beginner sewers. I also like the thread cutter -it's so handy- and it has a huge range of stitches. I don't make full use of those, but I do use the over-locking/serging stitches a lot.
    I would try getting your machine serviced first if that is possible before launching into the big purchase, but as you sew everyday, I think it is worth spending the money and getting the best you can afford when the time comes. Shop around and hopefully you can find a good bargain like I did. My machine was $800 and I've had it for five years, so that works out to $2.28 per day so far. Now I know nobody is going to let you pay it off that way, but that gives you an idea of the cost in the long term. All the best with it.

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