Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stripey Stripes Sundress

I heart stripes.  They're so nice and clean.  They can be used to make other fun shapes (Chevron, anyone?!).  They're just so darn stripey and wonderful. 

That's why I just ordered some stellar striped knit fabric from  I'm pretty pumped for it to get here.  But while I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival, I thought I'd use this mustard and white striped fabric that I got on sale some time ago.
Lest you think Riley's working it a little too much, here's the conversation that was going on while this pose was happening:
Me-- Stand up, Boo!
Riley-- Okay.  (Puts hands over face)
Me-- Alright, put your hands down.  Uh... can you put your hand on your hip?
Riley-- Huh. (Pause)  This is what you do when you're mad.

Clearly, it was time to change the subject and pull out a book.

Oh, okay... we'll sass it up a little more.

Me-- Smile!
Riley-- (grimaces)
Me-- Smile, Riley-girl!
Riley-- The sun's in my eyes!
Me-- Okay... that'll do.

And on another note, here's what I put my 2.5-year-old today.  Should I be embarrassed?  It was just too cute and, sure, it's probably more fitting for a baby, but the pintucks and embroidery... and collar?!  And those little legs!  I couldn't help myself.  Am I ensuring her a lifetime of therapy? :) 

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