Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pinwheel White Dress

 We are really blessed to have much of Mike's extended family living very close to us.  For the kids, it's great to have Grandma and Papa close-by, and they love having their cousins within driving distance.  Now that there are six cousins in the mix, and the two littlest ones are (by picture day) sitting up, we're taking advantage of living so close by having a photoshoot with all six kids.  It promises to be a hilarious event.  Have I mentioned how much I love group shots of small children?  Cracks me up every time. :) 

I think we've settled on a colorscheme, too: white.  Yep, we're going "Modern Family" style.  Girls in white dresses and boys in white shirts and jeans.  It should be cute!  I want to make my girls' dresses, and I just happened to have some soft and stretchy white knit fabric in my stash.  Here's what I whipped up for Noelle, this morning.  It's kind of shabby chic and oh-so-comfy.

It has this big pinwheel embellishment which screams "summer", right?

And I put some uneven ruffles on the bottom for that shabby chic flair, leaving them unhemmed.   

It's cute and casual and perfect for pictures, the park or any kind of play!  (Alliteration... holla!)


  1. A cute little dress... love the ruffles at the bottom!!!

  2. the dress is really pretty . well done


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