Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blast from the Past

I have an amazing friend, Amanda, who has bestowed upon our family all her kids' too-small clothes.  It's been a huge blessing!  I haven't had to buy a single shred of clothing for Brooksy-boy.  And the girls are super well-clothed, too.  Of course, I also have to mention how freaking cute all the hand-me-downs are. 

One of my favorite finds, in the bins of clothing she's given me, was a onesie that I made for Vinny when he was pint-sized.  It was one of my earlier sewing adventures, and although it's not all that bad, it's fun to see how far I've come.  I remember making this shirt; it was back in the days when my talents didn't extend beyond applique.  I apologize for the cuteness overload that's coming.  I just love this little man. :)
 I still love a tie bodysuit.  I may need to make a couple more for Brooks.  I mean, seriously, what a little man! :)

 Big eyes!


Oh, and then the girls wanted to get in a shot.  I snapped dozens of pics, hoping that I'd FINALLY get a good one of all three.  But really, children?  Here are, no joke, the best ones.  Ha! 

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