Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and What?! Pictures of ME??

 Wow.  What a gorgeous day we had to celebrate God's love for us!  He is good. 

We had a lovely day, too.  First, we snapped a few pictures since we were all gussied up.  We made sure we looked our best for the shots... :)

 I even took some pictures.  This rarely happens, either because I'm behind the camera or because I've either been pregnant or nursing the past four years, and neither of those things lends itself to me looking my best.  Hehe.  But lo and behold, I'm sharing a few pictures with you... of me.  Drink it up; it won't happen often.

Little Man is just so sweet.  I love having a boy.

So... can you tell how much I'm struggling to hold both girls?  Note to self: sit down when holding two growing girls.

We headed over to Grandma and Papa's after a wonderful service, and the girls got to spend some time with their cousins.

And they got to hunt for goodies!

In so many ways, a glorious day!


  1. I'm the same way with pics. of myself. No one wants to see this hot mess! lol

    1. You'll notice that you don't get to see my full body. Some things are just better when cropped. ;)

  2. Your comment "I love having a baby" rings true with me too. My youngest is turning a year old in less than 2 weeks and I'm really moping about it, since she's most likely our last child. So I squeeze and hug and hold her as much as possible now, but sadly she's already wriggling out of my grip...phooey on growing up! And BTW, your circle skirt ruffle dress was gorgeous!

    1. I KNOW!! I love those squishy bundles of joy!! My four- and two-year-olds will still let me snuggle them every now and then, but the times are getting few and far between!


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