Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Okay... so I finished something out of those two dresses that I posted about, but I'm not quite sure what I think.  It was my first time working with polyester.  Clearly, when thinking Earth Day Challenge, I was thinking upcycling and not natural materials.  Anyway, I wanted it a little more '80s (note the hair), but what do you think?  I'll definitely be making something else... maybe out of this fabric?  We'll see...

 Riley DOES love it, and told me so as soon as I slipped the top over her head.  That's a point in its favor...

...and it fits both girls.  Oh, and there's this belt I can put with it.

 The top actually separates at the sides, so you can see the bloomers underneath.

...and it has this fun neckline...and ruched sleeves...

...but I'm still VERY MUCH on the fence.  I have a tutorial for the top, but is it even worth it?  (And since it's an upcycle, it's more of a general convert-an-adult-dress-into-a-toddler-top tutorial.)  Any thoughts, oh blog world?


  1. I am loving it with the belt!!! Darling!

    1. Thanks! I kind of went away from my normal "style"... I think that was the problem. I do like it (especially with the belt), but I'm not ecstatic. Not like I am over the new tank I just finished. Check it out! :)


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