Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hubba-Wha?? A Late Entry?

Well, who woulda thunk.  I finished enough pieces NOT to feel just silly submitting an entry for the Project Run&Play Sew-Along.  It's my All-American Girls Upcycle! :)


It all started with the French braid.  I just started French braiding Noelle's hair, having never done it (ever!) before.  I quickly got very enamored with braids.  There's inspiration 1.

Then I found some old t-shirts that just happened to be red, white and blue.   Inspiration 2.

And I remembered what Noelle looked like after the Independence Day parade, last year.  Inspiration 3.
Ha!  The girl clearly needs attire that is rough-and-tumble.  But I'd also prefer it to be cute.  So I made her a firework flair dress, using all three shirts.  It's a one-shoulder number (ow!ow!) with a braided strap and a cute flower embellisment.  I did a lettuce edge on the blue and red tiers, too.  A white ruffle extends above the other tiers.

 Riley's sporting reversible attire!  She has on the reversible braided piggies tank (tutorial here!) and the reversible fly-away vest, which I made from the same white shirt and a gray shirt, so it's a little more versatile (neutral).

I like how the braid peeks through the separating portion of the vest.

But mostly I just love these two little girls! :)

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