Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easy Spring Wreath

I finally got our front door spruced up for Spring!  It was super easy to do, and it just makes me happy to look at. :)

The change was in order because we were still displaying Riley's birthday wreath, inspired by Jen at My Own Road.
 Great idea, right?  And Riley pointed out that the balloons are (and I quote) "awesome."

 But, sadly, birthdays don't last forever, so I just removed the balloons and the blue crepe paper; then I stuck these flowers into the styrofoam wreath with brads.  Here's a picture of the back of the flower packaging.  Last time I used it, it would appear I mangled the book.  I do know I got it at Hobby Lobby, though!

It really couldn't get easier. :)


  1. I love this idea and so easy especially if you have a cricut or some other cutting machine to cut the flowers for you. Good work, take care.

    1. I know! Think of the possibilities with a Cricut and brads! A snowflake wreath, leaf wreath, train wreath for Little Man's birthday! Maybe I should get a Cricut. Hmmm... :)


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