Thursday, April 19, 2012

PR&P Sportswear Challenge

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I didn't think I would make it in time for this week's challenge at Project Run & Play, but I just finished!  I had the skirt and bloomers done earlier this week, but the top-- which was by far the toughest part-- was still, uh, in process.  

I'm so very happy with how it all ended up!
I used a small striped fabric to piece together the top.  It was fun, playing with the stripes, but it does get a little trippy when you look at it too long.  Yowza.  I wanted it to be a little more form-fitting on the top, so it would go under the skirt nicely, but I also wanted it to be able to be worn on its own, so I added a polka dot ruffle to the bottom.  I think it looks pretty cute with the bloomers, but it would be great with some leggings, too.

 When you put it with the skirt, it makes the whole ensemble look like one piece.  Love it.  Then you can put the bloomers underneath the whole thing if you want.

The thing about stripes is that you have to be very careful, so they're all lined up.  You can't just cut at random.  This was probably the most time-consuming element.  And the fact that those stripes were so teeny-tiny, whew-wee!!

Overall, I'm thrilled.  And Noelle was just stoked to be wearing jewelry, which happens once in a blue moon.  Hehe. :)

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