Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Creating Top & Dress Patterns

At times, I'll use a well-fitting top to create patterns for my kiddos' clothes.  However, more often than not, I make patterns off of measurements.  I just kind of think it's easier.  And when you get a basic pattern done, it's super easy to jazz up.

Disclaimer: I am in NO FREAKING WAY a pro at this.  This is just what I do for my own patterns that works out well for me.  :)  I also feel a little like I'm reinventing the wheel here.  There's nothing new or ingenious.  But I also feel like it's helpful to have a kind of checklist, especially if you're just starting out on kids' clothing.

To make a dress or top measurement, here are the digits you need to get:

Waist (you may NOT need this one, just so you know, unless you're doing a drop-waist.  For Riley, who's shaped like a pencil, her waist and chest are nearly the same)

Neck: measure, straight across, from just a little out from one side of the neck to the other
Chest: measure around chest, under the arms
Shoulder: measure from side of neck to edge of shoulder

Sleeve/arm length: from shoulder to desired sleeve length
Top/dress length: from shoulder down to desired top/dress length
Armhole: I find that 4-4.5 inches works well for 1-5 year-olds, but you can grab this measurement, too, since you're already on a roll!

So here's a picture of a pattern I just made this morning, based off Riley's measurements.  You can see the measurements for both girls in the top left.  Then you'll see the inches added for inseam and a little fudging room. (Click to enlarge!)

Use your measurements to kind of play connect the dots and ta-da! I made this one an A-line, slanting it out from under the arm.

**Ignore that "add 7 inches" note.  That's for my next tutorial. :) 

Now that you have the basic pattern, you can adjust the length, neckline... just play around.  Sweet, huh? 

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