Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dress Up Days Dresses

I recently made a dress for my friend, Erin.  It will be revealed soon, but you have to wait for it.  It'll be worth it.  The reason I tell you this is that I had to order the fabric, and when you order over $35 worth of fabric at, you get free shipping.  I figured that it would just be silly to NOT reach that $35 mark, so I had to throw a few extra yards in there.  Just being smart, y'know? :)  Anyway, I browsed around and immediately fell in love with Riley Blake's Dress Up Days line.  Oh, Riley Blake, you get me again!  You're so good.  I've included links to all the different fabrics, too.  You are oh-so-very welcome! :)  You'll probably fall in love, too.

Here are the details on Riley's dress.  (By the way, I only just really thought about the fact that the fabric is Riley Blake and my Riley is wearing it.  I'm, clearly, losing my mind.)  Her main fabric is the Clothesline Orange.  The collar, straps and belt are from the grape floral.  Her little flower is the grape damask.

I call this pose "I'm a '50's housewife.  Welcome to my party!  Would you care for some deviled eggs or cream cheese and celery?"

And this is her "model pose."  Pretty good.  I'd hire her.  

I recently discovered that Riley really likes two things, getting-dressed-wise: elastic and accessories.  Therefore, I had to give her this belt.  The dress can be worn on its own.  However, I wanted to throw in a cute gathered belt for her.  She loves pulling it off and on.  I'm sure it will, somehow, accessorize some other random outfit soon. :)

Noelle's dress has a pieces bodice. Her main fabric is the green bikes, but it also has adorable wagons with little teddy bears!  The coordinating fabrics, as you can see, are the same as the first dress.

The only vision I had for this dress, initially, was some kind of piecing.  I was going to do it all the way down the sides of the dress, but then I thought it would be fun to have a whole pieced center panel. 
 And I like how, since the skirt part is gathered, the panel flairs out at the bottom.  Plus, those pops of grape against the lighter hues are awesome.

My girlies liked dressing up.  Riley actually requested that she keep hers on (not always the case after our "photoshoots").  

I will happily post tutorials for both... Any takers??


  1. Yes, please! Both so cute! Love the 50s housewife pose.

  2. Is there a tutorial or pattern for these dresses please?

  3. Have you ever posted the tutorials for these dresses? Thanks!


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