Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Choo-Choo Re-Do

Brooks's room is sadly under-decorated.  Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that it is NOT decorated.  In the least.  After all, all it has is painted walls and furniture.  He doesn't even have curtains!  As you can see, there are blankets hung over the windows.  We do, though, have that awesome DaVinci navy dresser with changing table.  The navy looks so great against the walls.  I love it.

Overall, though, there's really only one word for this room: sad.

But the winds, they are a-changin'.  I'll be making his curtains soon, but I don't have the fabric yet.  I'm really (REALLY) excited about it, though.  It's this freaking phenomenal chevron fabric from Riley Blake:

It's amazing, right?!  And it gives me a nice color scheme to work with.

Brooks's bedding is the Ryder train bedding from PBK, so I'm throwing some trains into the mix.  First up, one of those classic stacking trains, made by Melissa & Doug.  I picked mine up from TJ Maxx because I knew that not only would it be a great addition to the room, but it would also be a toy that we could label-- exclusively-- as Brooksy-boy's.

However, the green and yellow didn't really fit with my colors.  No problem.  I busted out the (NON-TOXIC) paint and went to work, transforming green to grey and yellow to orange.  I love love love how it turned out!  Now we just need to get that train's shelf up, so he can look out on his kingdom!

By the way, I just discovered the fun that is Picnik!  Here's Mr. Choo-Choo, with a little '60s flair :)

**Make sure, if you paint your own toys, that you double-check that your paint is AP Certified non-toxic!**

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