Monday, July 16, 2012

SewSet Feature!

Have you discovered SewSet yet?  I have the button right over there to the right. -->  See it?  Yep.  Right there.  I learned of it a couple days ago when Jessica at Me Sew Crazy posted about its start-up.  Even before I checked it out, I started salivating over the possibilities (is it possible that I talk about drooling too much?).  First, Jessica is an amazing sew-er and blogger.  Second, I am a Pinterest addict.  Third, this is like a Pinterest-inspired haven for sew-ers! 

Then, I got an email this morning that my Brooksy-Boy Overalls were being featured on the front page.  How exciting is that?  It was pretty fun, opening up a tab and seeing my sweet little man looking out at me.  I've uploaded a few of my tutorials.  (You can search by designer, too!  How cool!)  So, seriously, go check it out.  You're going to love it.

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