Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I promise that our whole little world doesn't revolve around cows.  It just seems like it.  In the past week, we dressed up like cows, watched a Curious George with a cow, and sung the "cow song" many times (see below for lyrics).

And now, Noelle also has a new cow shirt.

It's made from more of that iron-on t-shirt vinyl.  That stuff is pretty awesome.
I've decorated quite a few shirts with it, and it washes well, too.  That's important to know.  If you're thinking of getting some, I definitely recommend it.  Happy vinyl-ing! :)

Cow Song

I had a cow down on the farm.
Moo moo moo moo!
She gave milk without alarm.
Moo moo moo moo!
One time, she drank from a frozen stream.
Moo moo moo moo!
And ever since then, she's been giving ice cream.
Moo moo moo moo!!!

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