Monday, July 16, 2012

White Photo Shoot

This past week, we got the six little cousins together for a photo shoot with super-talented photographer Christy Nieh.  It was a blast and the kids were pretty cooperative.  Noelle went through a little funk, but it was nothing that the promise of ice cream couldn't fix. :)  Here's one of the photos that Christy said I could share with you, so you can see the dresses I made for the girlies.

They're made from white cotton gauze, which is so breathable and beachy.  It was slightly temperamental to work with, I thought.  Since it's textured, it stretches quite a bit, so you have to 1) keep that in mind and 2) take it into account when cutting pieces.  We wanted a white/red/orange/grey color scheme, so the girls all got pops of color.  Riley's belt is red elastic with a shabby chic flower.  Hannah's is an orange rope trim, and Noelle got a dyed-grey doily accent.

Overall, I thought the dresses turned out pretty cute... but not nearly as cute as the kids. :)

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