Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Give Us a Wave Skirt: Skirting the Issue

We've got a few firsts going on today. 

First "first"-- I sewed up something that actually works on me.  Whoa.  I mean, WHOA. 
Second "first"-- The photo you're about to see is the first one I've posted which is taken by my budding (4-year-old) photographer.  You can see she has the artsy angle thing down.
Third "first"-- I'm posting a picture of me from the waist down.  Big deal, folks.  This isn't my best half.  However, this skirt looks waaaaaay cuter on a body than on a hanger, so I'm taking one for the team.
 I'll have the tutorial up soon, but I forgot to take pictures at the start when I was making this one.  Oops.  It's pretty darn easy, though.  And it's flattering.  LOVE that!  This skirt will be going to Skirting the Issue (if you haven't already, check it out!!). 

 See... cute waves, but it's much cuter on.  Am I right?

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  1. Those are some awesome "Firsts"! I think the skirt is very cute! Especially on! and i see nothing wrong with your bottom half!


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