Thursday, July 5, 2012

For the love...

My dear friend, Jenni, is due with her first baby (a girl!!) on Saturday.  I'm so freaking pumped for this baby to arrive.  The only sad thing is that she lives so far away, so I don't know when I'll get to meet Baby Kennedy.  Sigh.

I made her this crib skirt.  She chose the colors, and it's just gorgeous, right?  And the nursery is pretty much to die for, all around.

I'm almost finished with the curtains.  I cut them forever ago, but with other projects, losing our power, and general having-three-kids-ness, the cut fabric has been lying in the guest bedroom for quite some time.  So this week, I figured that I need to get those suckers DONE!  Early in the morning (we're talking before 6), I got up and started working.  I got one curtain almost finished and, all of a sudden, a tinge of doubt hit me.  I couldn't remember exactly what length she said the curtain had to be, so I ran upstairs to the computer to pull up the info.  She needed them 84" long.  The curtain I had on my ironing board was no where NEAR that.  I slunk back downstairs and, taking a deep breath, stepped back into the guest room.  There I found the two pieces of main curtain fabric that I had cut so long ago.

I had been working on the freaking left-over/scrap fabric!  Noooooooo!  Don't get me wrong-- it was lovely.  And I guess a test run is always a good idea.  And it's not like I had cut into the real stuff and wouldn't be able to use the fabric anymore.  But my time is super valuable.  It's not like a 2-year-old, 4-year-old and 8-month old are willing to sit around all day while I sew up curtains.

Dang it.

So, Jennifer Marie, if you're reading this-- don't worry.  Those curtains WILL be done tomorrow, in time to get into your mom's possession for her trip out to see you (and meet Kennedy!).  They'll just require a lot more caffeine. ;)

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  1. Aww! I know how you feel about having to wait to meet the baby! My best friend moved to Texas about a month before having her first little baby girl...I will have to wait until fall to meet her :( What a lucky baby little Kennedy will be to have such beautiful curtains!


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