Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin

Let's start with the shameless begging and pleading...  Will you vote for us?  I think my calves are pretty cute and would love a little more Chick-fil-A goodness in their lives. :)  Go HERE!

We love CFA in this house.  In fact, it was CFA that taught Noelle what a chicken says (Bok-bok).  How could we not be indebted to them? :)  But really, Chick-fil-A is amazing.  They're customer service is phenomenal, their food is delish, their morals impeccable.  I love a place where I will not only happily wolf down their food but also appreciate their integrity.  Oh, and they can grill their chicken strips, so even a gluten-free girl like me can enjoy!

Plus, they have things like Cow Appreciation Day!  If nothing I've said has won you over, that should.  Dress like a cow and get free food!  Of course, today, we were (and are) cows.  In fact, I made the girls their attire a few weeks back.  That's how excited I was. :)

First, my little bubble romper cow.  The tutorial for the bubble romper is here.  It's pretty darn easy and end up looking so freaking cute, cow or no. :) 

Noelle needed a little red, so I threw some rick rack on her straps. 

But wait!  She needs a cow face, too!
Whew.  Much better!  Oh, and she got some polka-dot "hooves," too. :)

Our littlest calf got some cow shorts (which his little tummy is hiding pretty well) and a cow vest.

He's a chatterbox cow (bull?), this one.  Here he is, talking away.  Love that face!

 And our oldest calf-- leader of the Moo Crew.  She got red accent arm warmers (thanks to Granddad's old pj's!).

And her top and pants were upcycled from old t-shirts that I decorated with fabric paint.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.  It sooooo captures the girls' personalities.

Here's the whole herd!

And the cutest calves in the world... all together!


  1. Hi, Heather, Love these adorable outfits. The face paint is an awesome touch! And before I say what I feel compelled to say, I want to tell you that I enjoy your blog posts and plan to continue being a subscriber. But I have to take issue with your statement that CFA has "impeccable morals." Their support of anti-gay organizations that routinely engage in harmful hate speech is, in my opinion, immoral. Regardless of whether one believes homosexuality is a sin, hateful speech and the violence it incites are decidedly un-Christ-like. OK, that was my two cents, thanks for listening.

    1. Thanks, Kimberly! I tried to email you, but I couldn't do it. Thanks for your compliments! I'm pretty partial to my little cows. :)


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