Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boy Clothes-- Brooksy-boy Overalls!

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It's been a little rough around here, health-wise.  This weekend, I finally picked up the cold that's been working its way through our family for the past three weeks.  Ugh.

What's driven me (the most) crazy, though, is that I've been so pumped about making these little overalls for Brooks, and I've been too out of commission!  So now, FINALLY, here they are!!!

I'm pretty excited about this new adventure into the world of boy clothes.  My first thought about the whole matter is that there are fewer shapes to make for boys.  Let me explain.  For girls, you can make skirts, shirts, tunics, dresses, pants and shorts in any number of shapes and designs.  For boys, you don't want to add too much frilliness or poof.  I mean, my little man is going to be manly. :)  So here's where I thought I'd start: overalls!  Who can resist a kid in overalls?  I can't.

So here's my first real piece of boy clothing!  Hope you love it and it gives you one more boy pattern in a clothing world littered with girl tutorials! :)

As for the fabric, I wandered Jo-Ann's, trying to find something fun and a little different.  I thought about some train or monster fabric, but I wanted something a little less kid-ish.  I wasn't actually planning on going with a knit, but then I saw this fun gray-colored knit (which just so happened to be super-soft).  And then I saw that said knit was "dirty" and, therefore, 75% off.  Well, please and thank you, Jo-Ann!  Plus, the knit allows me to give it a little rougher look, with exposed seams.

Now, even though knits stretch and woven cotton doesn't, I made my pattern big enough that it will work with a stretch-free fabric, so you have some flexibility.  (You'll just have to finish your seams a little more.)  You're welcome. :)

1/2-1 yard fabric, depending on size (mine is just 0-6 months-- not much fabric required!)
2 snaps and/or buttons
basic sewing stuff


If you want to make a larger pattern, here's how I did mine...

First, cut your pattern pieces.  Sorry!  No pictures, but here's what I did.
1. Find a onesie/shirt that fits Little Man.  Use this to get your width.  Mine (with seam allowance) was 10 inches.  You want the bottom of your bib piece to be this width.  You can see that my bib is 10 inches wide and 5 inches tall (top right in the pic).
2.  To make the legs, find a pair of pants that fit your guy.  You're going to use these for the length and the curve that goes under the bum.  The width of your legs will depend on that first measurement (my 10 inches).  The top of the legs, after you've cut the curve, should be half of that.  So, mine is 5 inches.
3. Cut four strips, 2 inches by your first measurement minus 1 inch (9 inches).
4. These aren't shown, but also cut four strips for your straps.  Mine were 1.5 by 9 inches.

Once all your pieces are cut, start with your legs.  Sew the curves of both your front and back pieces.

Then put them, right sides together, and sew up the sides and from the bottom to crotch.

Hem up the legs.  I used this stitch.  You could also use a straight stitch or zig-zag.  It's up to you.  I'm going to use this stitch for other parts of the overalls, so I wanted consistency.

Here's what you have so far.

Now take your bib pieces, sew them together and clip the edges.

Turn and topstitch (again, using whatever stitch you'd like!).

Now stitch all four waistband pieces together.

Flip them, right sides out.  Now treat them like the two are one strip.  Slip them over the pants and pin in place.

Stitch the waistband on.  Now we're getting that worn-in, exposed seam looking going.  Oh, so boy. :)

Take your shoulder straps and stitch two together.  Again, I went for the rugged look, opting not even to finish off the bottom side.

Now center your bib on the front waistband, placing it in between the two front waistband pieces. 

Insert your shoulder straps into the back waistband, so they'll fold over and hit in the right place on the bib.  Pin them all in place.

Stitch the waistband to the bib and the straps.

Get your snaps and put them on, as indicated by the manufacturer.  (If you prefer, you can also do buttonholes here.  Snaps are quicker for little ones-- that's why I went with them.)

Then, for an added touch, grab cute little monster buttons that you've been saving just for this moment and stitch them on over the snaps.

Poor Brooksy-Boy had just finished a particularly grueling tummy-time session... thus, the watery eyes.

Mmmmm!  Look at those comfy pants!

A little rough around the edges.  Love it.

Featured here in a 101 list!  I'm honored to be included with such amazing crafters!!


  1. What a handsome boy! I love the monster buttons. I'm pinning this for future reference... Thank you for posting it. :-)

  2. Great tutorial and a cute, little outfit, Heather. Love the monster buttons!

  3. This is really cute! I have an addiction to baby overalls too. I may have to try this and maybe do cuffs at the bottom so he can wear them for more than a month!

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  6. I love this, and wish I could sew well enough to make this. But, I'm glad there's a new shape for boys out there for mommas who sew. Why should the girlies have all fun?

  7. Fabulous tutorial and what a serious cutie!! I love those monster buttons - great addition. Thanks for sharing at our Link It Up Thursday party.

  8. Hey is so cute! And the overalls....darling!
    You should join me for Handmade 52! http://raisingoranges.blogspot.com/ -Katie

  9. This is so cute!!! I don't have a boy, but I do have a nephew and I am always looking for ways to make him things!!! I am having a link party if you want to join...

  10. Oh wow, these are so cute. Bubs is SO cute!! And the monster buttons just make it with their pop of yellow!

  11. Too cute! I love the buttons!

  12. Absolutely adorable little overalls and great tutorial! I'm featuring your post on tomorrow's "A Little Birdie Told Me..."!

    Thank you so much for linking up! Come by tomorrow to see your feature, join the party, and grab a button!


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  14. Hi Heather, I'm featuring your overalls tutorial today. Congrats on two features in the one post...

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  17. These overalls are too cute! I love the fabric choice! They look so cozy...maybe I'll have to make a pair for myself..lol.


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