Monday, February 6, 2012

Crisis Averted! and a fun embellishment idea

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The computer decided it wouldn't poop out on me yet!  Phew.  How?  Why?  No clue, but I'm glad it's still kicking.

In celebration, here's a little top I whipped up yesterday, pre-Superbowl.

Dora is currently all the rage in our house.  (Azul! Azul!)  I took German in both high school and college, so I have to work hard, sometimes, to decipher what that little chica is saying.  (Does anyone else have a difficult time understanding her??)

And we can't forget Boots... or at least our version of Boots. :)

The top is a basic peasant top, but I busted out my Accuquilt fabric cutter to make these adorable flowers growing up from the hem.  You can do them by hand, too, of course, but-- I'll tell ya-- it's really satisfying, looking at those perfectly-shaped buds.  And the stems are ribbons.  Easy peasy and a cute little addition!

My little Dora fan likes it, I think. :)

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