Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Projects and Projects...

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I currently have two half-finished projects (and tutorials).  Things have been a little crazy around here, what with sickness and general life-with-three-little-ones.  But I think and hope it will be worth the wait.  Here's a sneak peak of one for you!

It's ocean-themed because the little ladies currently love all things swimming-- whales, fish, BIG fish, sharks, Nemo... you get the idea. 

The other one is a dress that I had to make after receiving the most adorable mustard-colored peacoat as a hand-me-down for Riley. 

But besides these, I need to make one of these bustle skirts from some of my favorite bloggers, liZ and Elizabeth over at Simple Simon & Co.  If you want a super cute project, here's one for you! :)

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