Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Reversible knit cap tutorial

Poor Little Man has a serious case of cradle cap. Like, had to go into the doc to get antibiotics bad. It makes me so sad. The doctor told me that it would be good to slather him up with Neosporin and cover his head with a soft cap. We have some caps, but since these are going to get yucky and will need to be changed out, I figured we could use a few more. So here's a nice easy knit cap tutorial!


Oh, and I also like making my own hats, so I can fit them to my child. Otherwise, I find store-bought hats sometimes fit funny.

Knit fabric (a t-shirt works GREAT for this!-- I used two old shirts for the tutorial pics!)
Sewing gear

To make a pattern, trace around a hat that fits your baby well.  Or you can use my pattern if you want a 0-6 month hat!

Cut out four of the pattern, two of each fabric. It's easiest if you cut the main hat first; then cut the little notch out of the top.

Sew the notch together on all your pieces.

Then sew your coordinating sides, right sides together. Make sure you line up the notch seam.

Flip one hat right side out and place it inside the other, so they're right sides together.

Using a stitch that stretches (like a zig-zag), sew along the bottom, leaving a 1-inch opening to turn.  

Turn the hats right sides out.

Press/pin the seam.  

Top stitch, again using a stitch that stretches. 

Quick and easy!

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  1. Great tutorial! Cute little guy, hope it clears up! Jayna always had cradle cap really bad too.


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