Monday, February 6, 2012

Good news and bad news

The good news first...

I finally decided on a Valentine idea for the girls to give out. It involves a hilarious picture, and I'm very excited to share.

The bad news...

My computer won't work. At all. Won't turn on even. I've tried everything that I, in my limited ability, can think of. I've unplugged everything, even the computer. I've tried different plugs. I e plugged it directly into the wall instead of into the surge protector. Nothing.

Hopefully my husband will be able to figure it out, or we'll have to take it in. Either way, pray that it's not fried!!! Scary times over here.

Plus, I need to upload some cute pics! :)


  1. Que mal!!! Lo siento ,pero en general,tienen arreglo,mis mejores deseos para que encuentre la solución.Cariños para usted y su computadora.

    1. Thanks! We figured it out! Faulty surge protector. I was getting a little worried, too!


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