Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mustard Stripes

Wow.  Riley did NOT want to show off this dress for me.  You should have seen the weirdo faces she was making.  (You'll notice that there's not a single shot of her face.  Ha!)

Oh well.  Here's the little dress that I made for her o wear with this adorable Janie and Jack peacoat.

It's a boatneck, which I kind of love.  And it's not overdone, which I also like.  Though, don't get me wrong; I love excessive ruffles, too. :)

She has one little pocket in the front, which, much to the little lady's chagrin, was not big enough to hold her walllet.

I do have some changes I'm going to make in the construction, so the tutorial will be up soon.  That means Noelle gets a dress, too.  Hurray! :)  And I think it needs a fun sash around the waist, too.  I'm excited.

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