Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinning and a feature!

I'm pretty new to this craft blogging game.  But, my oh my, I love it.  I think I would love it even if just one person read my posts, but I've been overwhelmed by the lovin' I've gotten from fellow bloggers.  I kind of want to give all my new blog friends big, squishy hugs.

This is probably totally nerdy, but I get super pumped when someone tells me they've pinned a post.  I've been pinned?!?  I think.  I'm almost famous... But maybe not quite. :)

What I mean to say is THANK YOU!  Thanks to all of you who've pinned me.  I really hope my tutorials are helpful!

And on that note, I got an email last night, from Deana at Country Momma Cooks, telling me my vintage-y Rosie Dress was featured (find it here)!  Because of this, I can now tell you that it is NOT possible to explode from excitement.  If such a thing were possible, it would have happened to me. So thanks, Deana, and thanks to everyone who clicked on little Rosie's dress!

Ok, enough gushing. But, you know, sometimes a girl just can't control herself. :)

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