Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Valentine Fiasco

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After much deliberation, I decided on the valentine I wanted to give out to all our pint-sized friends.  It involved owls, props and no candy.  I thought it was a nice combo.  So I shot pictures of the girls, pasted some words on them (the pictures, not the children), uploaded them and ordered.  A few days later, I got an email, informing me that my order of 101 prints had shipped.  Wha?!  We have a few good buddies, but we're not nearly that popular.  Seems that I had started to order the prints, put them in my "cart", had to go attend to some child, then came back later and added the same order-- once again-- to my cart.  Uh... oops.  Maybe I should have double-checked before clicking "buy".  In my defense, I distinctly remember doing all this, using one hand and holding a 3-month-old in the other arm.

The other thing that my notification email said was that the prints were due to arrive on Tuesday... or, in other words, ON Valentine's Day.  Gosh darn it.  I may have to run to Target for some 1-hour-photo developing if they aren't here on Monday.

Anyway, here they are!

For Riley's preschool buddies

For mutual friends (check Noelle's tough guy face, and Riley's super-cool pose)
Remember, if you want to make an owl jumper of your own, go here for the tutorial!! :)

And another one for mutual friends because it was tough to get all three kids in the picture at one time. :)  How adorable is that gummy smile???
I'll be attaching dollar store sunglasses to them.  See... candy-free but not fun-free! :)

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  1. me suscribí a su blog cuando vi esos hermosos vestidos búhos ,si mal no recuerdo usted también tenia uno.


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