Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boy Clothes... The Rhino!

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As of approximately three months ago, I have three children. And the third one's a BOY! Up till now, I've only made girl clothing. But as Little Man gets older, he's going to need his share, too. So if you're a mom to boys, and you're looking for boy tutorials, I'm hoping I can be of service soon!

Until I really get the hang of it, here's one of my favorite easy things to do-- appliqué! Here's one appliqué that I've used to spice up one of our onesies.

The rhino! This guy also doubles as a hippo if you remove his horn. :) and he's really cute if you add clothes or a bow to the ear (for a girl). For clothing, just use the same body pattern but cut it off at the "hands" or "feet" to make sleeves or legs of pants.

And in case you've been looking for the cutest baby in the world, you can stop searching.  You found him. :)

Here's how I like to do applique, in 6 easy steps:

1. Cut out the stencil you want to use.  (If you're just winging it and drawing something by hand, skip this step.)

2. Keeping the paper backing on, iron steam a seam to the back of the fabric you want to use, making sure that it's larger than the stencil.

3. Trace your stencil onto the paper backing.

4. Cut out.

5. If you have overlapping pieces, zig-zag stitch the bottom pieces first, beginning your stitches where the other piece will cover them.  My start and end points for rhino's head are under his horn.

6.  Once all the pieces are on, slip your onesie on an adorable baby!

Simply must have a rhino of your own?  No problem!  Here's a stencil for you!  Enjoy! :)


  1. What a handsome young man with a cute little outfit. Have fun sewing for your young man.

  2. He is so stinkin cute!!!!!!! love the onesie!!! m following you :)

  3. Such a cute little boy, complete with his cute litte rhino!!! Appliqué is a great way to make an outfit stand out. Thanks for sharing the template, Heather...

  4. Saw you at Threading My Way! Super cute Rhino....and model! ;)

  5. Hi Heather, I've featured your Rhino Tutorial today...


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