Thursday, January 26, 2012

Heart Pocket Tutorial

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Oh, pockets.  We love you so.  Here's the final little detail that I added to Riley's Valentine's Day dress.  In case you missed them, here are the tutorials for the basic A-line and the wavy hem

The heart pocket is SO EASY, but it's a nice little embellishment.

First, place two pieces of fabric, right sides together and cut out a heart.  I pinned them while I was cutting, to make sure they stayed put.  Why did I take the picture with the pins like this?  No clue.  Oops.  Those are pins, not staples. :)

Stitch around the heart, leaving an opening, so you can turn it right side out.

Cut little slits around the heart, making sure not to clip your stitches.

Turn and press.

Mark (with fabric marker or a pin) on each side of the heart where you want it to open.  It's tough to see, but then top stitch from one mark to the other, close to the edge. 

Now pin your pocket on to the dress.  

Starting where you stopped top-stitching, stitch around the pocket.  The idea is to try to make it look like one continuous stitch, even though the pocket will actually open at the top.  Make sense?

And you're all done!  Time to stuff some toys in that pocket! :)


  1. Aww, so sweet. And simple! I know a little girl who would just love a heart pocket...she would put her toy pink Cadillac car in it!


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