Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fancy Shmancy Layered Skirt Tutorial

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We aren't really fancy in this house.  We're usually the jeans and sweatshirt types.  Actually, there is no doubt that the girls are the best dressed members of our brood.  I'm not too proud to admit that I routinely go out in public, unshowered and in sweats.  Too much info?  Sorry.  Maybe my New Year's Resolution should be to start dressing like an adult and not like I'm still playing tennis in college. But I digress...

What we should be talking about is the fancy shmancy skirt. I started thinking about this skirt when I saw this gorgeous number on, of course, Pinterest. 

Stunning, right? But seeing as how I only sew for the kiddos, it's not really appropriate for a 2- and 3-year-old. How to make it toddler friendly? Hmmm...

Two thoughts came to me right off the bat. First, it has to be comfy. Second, there's no way I'm finishing all those edges. The solution: knit.

There were going to be a lot of overlapping layers, so I thought it best to go with a lightweight knit.

Overall, the skirt worked out well.  It's pretty darn cute, can be dressed up or down, be worn over leggings or on its own.  I heart versatility.  Oh, and it came together really fast.  Wanna make one?  Here's how:

About 1/2 yard lightweight knit fabric
2 in x (waist measurement + 2 inches) strip of coordinating fabric (mine is just a quilting cotton)
1/2-inch elastic
Freezer/tracing paper
Basic sewing stuff

Cut out a piece of paper the length of your skirt and half of the waist measurement + 3 inches.
I wanted my skirt 11 inches long with a waist of  22 inches, so I cut my rectangle 11 in x 14 in.

You want your layered portions slightly off-set.  I started mine 4 inches from the right side.  Draw your layers for the longer side.  Now cut a 4 x 11 inch piece of paper to draw your other layers. 

Now you have your pattern pieces.  Cut the largest layer (for either side) first and cut your fabric, ON THE FOLD.  Then cut the second largest, etc.  Do this for the other side of layers, too.  Make sense?  You'll end up with this:

If you haven't cut the base of your skirt yet, do that and stitch the short sides together.  Turn right side out.  So the seam doesn't show, center your longest layer on the seam.  Then just keep layering those things up...

At this point, I basted the layers to my base skirt, close to the top edge... just to guarantee I didn't undo my work while putting on the other layers.

Once you have one side done, grab the layers for the other side and, starting where the other layers end, place those.

Sew together your waist band (waist measurement + 2 inches).

Run a gathering seam all the way around the top of your layered skirt, through all your layers of fabric.  Gather until it's the measurement of your waistband.

 Create the waistband, using the same method as here.  And you're done!

Pair with leggings...

Or on its own!

**This would be equally as cute in a fuller skirt.  All you have to do is make your base skirt (and corresponding layers) wider.  That will give it a little more "flow" and "twirl." 

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  1. This skirt is supercute. Like a little diva :)


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