Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Machine Required Daisy Headband

I've gone through different stages in regard to my girls' head apparel.  It began with the tiny Target bows.  Cheap and easy.  Then I went through this flower phase:

From there, I majorly escalated to those all-out, feathery, huge bows.  
 Oh my word... how did poor Noelle even keep her head up with this big guy on it?!  
(though I must admit that I still think these bows are pretty amazing...)

Then I backed it down a notch to the slightly larger but simple bows.  That's basically where I'm at now.  I do like a statement piece, but I've decided that I want it to be relatively flat, so the little ladies don't have big bow goiters sticking out of their heads.  Mmmmm... love that imagery?

So here's an easy headband that makes a big splash but lies nicely against the hair... In the size I made it, it did start to stray into crazy big territory.  You can make it smaller.  Either way, it requires no sewing machine!

Here are all the materials it takes, actually:
2 pieces of different colored felt
headband (I made mine, but you can just buy it, too)
needle and thread
fabric glue (optional) 2 petal patterns (they don't need to be this size, but make them roughly the shape shown)

First, take your felt and cut out five petals in each color, keeping same colored petals the same size.

Now take your five smaller petals and your threaded needle.  Knot that thread really well at the end.  You're going to run the needle through each petal like this.

And you'll see when you pull it tight, the petal looks like this.  Ooooo!

Go through each petal.  Then go back through the first.  Pull tight and stitch through a couple times and tie to secure the flower.

The cute little guy will look like this:

Do the same thing for your larger flower.

Then place the smaller one on top.  Run your needle through both flowers a couple times to secure them together.

Grab a button and stitch it on, going through both flowers for added security.

If you don't have fabric glue, you can actually just stitch your headband and a backing piece of felt on, too.  It's up to you.  I just sandwiched the headband between the flower and a little strip of felt I cut.

And there you have it!  You can whip a bunch of these up during naptime, in all different colors and sizes.  So... they don't have to be this big.  But don't be afraid if they are! :)


  1. what a cute idea, so adorable. I too have gone through bow stages with my little one. I'm at the big over the top head eat boutique bow stage now. I also tend to wear my LO's bows... :)

  2. That felt flower is adorable! My 11 yr old has just started making things with felt... this will be a great project for her!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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